Cranky old bitch…

We’re back from our trip and, as it always is after a break somewhere, I’m up to my ass washing clothes and writing. My computer is being really irritating tonight. Or maybe it’s just the ever crashing Internet, which seems to have a fit whenever I try to upload photos. Adding to my angst is that it was about 3:00 before I had lunch and I was super hangry and irritable. Poor Bill…

Twice, people have rung the doorbell… one was someone wanting me to take packages for the neighbor. The other was some woman pitching a breakfast delivery service. After our Hello Fresh disaster, I am definitely NOT interested in that. I told her I wasn’t wanting to sign up for a free trial. She was nice about it. I’m sure she’s been on the receiving end of plenty of nastiness, so I tried to be nice when I said “no”. I wouldn’t want that job. Door to door sales sucks.

I hate it when I open the door and someone immediately launches into a rapid fire spiel, particularly when it’s in German. I usually just interrupt them and say in English that I don’t speak German. The truth is, I speak really terrible German, but I understand a surprisingly good amount of it. If you want German out of me, though, your best bet is to ask me to sing it. I can sing in German… if I know the words, that is. Anyway, I figure if they’re going to ring my bell and try to sell me shit I don’t want or need, they can speak English. They came to me, after all. Also, she caught me in my most indecent nightie, since I just took a shower and wasn’t planning to see anyone.

I should probably be in a better mood. We had a good time on our short break. It’s very beautiful in the Eifel, and there’s still a lot to see that we never even touched. If we’d wanted to, we could have spent a week and not been bored. Maybe the next trip we take will be somewhere a little further out.

I’ve been missing my guitar. This was the longest break I’ve had from playing since early May. I’ve been making some real strides in learning how to play, although barre chords are definitely going to be a bitch. I was also really happy to hear from my Italian friend Vittorio, who wisely left Facebook last year and lives in Germany… he left me a comment on my blog the other day. That made me happy. I like to hear from friends, and I had been wondering how he was doing.

Sorry, this post is a whole lot of nothing. I’ve been fighting with my damned computer for the last hour. Every time I try to upload batches of photos, the net crashes. I often end up having to reboot the router at the very least. Sometimes, I have to reboot the computer, too. I’m sure there is a techie reason this happens… someday, I may figure it out. Anyway, I’m not really in the right frame of mind to write anything coherent right now. But I bet I’ll wake up tomorrow ready to rant, because I have a few things in mind…

So… until then, Auf Wiedersehen. See? I do know a couple of German words.