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So now I AM really upset with USAA…

Earlier today, I wrote about how I wasn’t that pissed that USAA allowed fraudulent charges to go through on my debit card. Well… scratch that. I am now furious.

Here’s the deal. I had to call them yesterday, because I discovered three fraudulent charges on my card. This was a week after I had to call them to unblock my card, because they were flagging legitimate charges. Then, when I finally do get fraudulent charges on the debit card, they let those go through. Great… so I called them up and they blocked the debit card. I now only have my credit card to use until my new debit card gets to me. Since I don’t know when that will be, I have been updating my payment methods on revolving accounts.

Doing that, of course, resulted in a fraud alert on my credit card, since I don’t use the credit card very often. I got an urgent email to call them, so I tried to call on Skype. But since Skype doesn’t give me a permanent number, I had to call back on my German phone. Verifying my phone number is one of their security measures. And then I have to go through all of the other security rigamarole– telling them my SSN, my PIN, and reciting a security code they send to me.

I finally get this guy on the phone who starts giving me the usual spiel about fraud alerts. I try to tell him that I know all about it, because I’m constantly having to call them about this. He doesn’t listen, and repeatedly tries to talk over me, which only makes me angrier and more frustrated. I don’t usually yell at customer service agents, but it seems like everything I try to do to fix this problem only leads to more problems. And USAA used to be a pretty good place to do business, but it’s just really gone down the shitter.

So now I’m sitting here fuming, wondering how long and how painful it’s going to be to move my business to another bank. And all because some lowlife crook got ahold of my debit card number. I can’t even really complain about this, because everything on their Web site is automated.

I guess it’s a good thing no one depends on me for money.