Yall [sic] suck!

Facebook went a bit wonky last night, and a bunch of people got perfectly innocuous posts reported as spam. A lady in a group I follow– Tidewater Flashback– got pissed off because one of her posts was flagged. She had the above comment, then left another one in which she protested being “reported”. For the life of me, I don’t see why people ask to be “removed” from any Facebook group. You can remove yourself with little fanfare. As one person wrote, “It’s not an airport. You don’t have to announce your departure.” In any case, this lady was probably the victim of a common Facebook SNAFU and had a couple of her posts “reported” by bots.

It’s an epidemic.

Two of my posts were reported, too. One was a news article about huge, wealthy corporations not wanting to offer sick pay, and the other was about museums around the world that are offering virtual tours. No, they weren’t “spam”, but I guess since everyone is online right now because they’re stuck at home, Facebook will continue to have problems. I noticed that at least one of the “spam” posts is still visible, but they’d been up for a few days, anyway.

As I keep reading about Facebook’s foul ups, I remind myself that Facebook has way more power than it deserves. Maybe it’s time some of us logged off of it and found a better way to occupy ourselves. Personally, I’ve just gotten hooked on the show, 9-1-1, starring Angela Basset and Jennifer Love Hewitt. I wasn’t that impressed with it when I first started watching, but it’s gotten better and now I’m hooked. I feel a little guilty watching TV, when I could be reading Keith Richards’ life story. But I’m even doing that electronically, since I downloaded it on the Kindle app.

Once again, I’m reminded of how dependent we’ve become on electronics for entertainment. There was a time when, in a situation like this, families would come together and bond. Or, at least I’d like to think they did. For all I know, this was a disastrous situation for them, too. I just noticed a headline about how this forced social distancing could wind up being disastrous for domestic violence victims. Abuse victims are isolated enough when things are normal. Now that everyone is being asked to avoid being in close contact with strangers and stay at home, it really could be a dangerous situation for people who are being abused by their partners or their parents.


On the other hand, I’ve also read that even a few weeks of less tourism has been great for the environments in China and Italy. Venice, in particular, is cleaning up nicely. Maybe this is a prime opportunity for us to learn about each other, and about the world in general. This is a time we’re being forced to slow down and adapt our usually hyperkinetic lifestyles to one that is health promoting. Maybe there will be time for couples to get closer and children to discover new things about their siblings and parents. Some people will probably become parents because of this situation.

Some folks might really use their time wisely and pick up a new skill. I wish I had a guitar. Maybe I’d take the time to pick up a few chords. I suppose I could order one. Maybe I will, if this social distancing thing drags on for many months.

Recently, I’d been thinking about giving up my blogs and doing something else with my time. I wondered if it was worthwhile to keep writing. But then it occurred to me that even though I had to start my blog over last year, people still read it. And while I know that not all of my readers actually like what I do, a lot of them do appreciate my efforts. Now that people are stuck at home, there will be folks looking for things to occupy their time. Some might even read blogs like mine. Or not.

This coronavirus stuff hasn’t really changed my life, except that Bill is now teleworking. So actually, my lifestyle is more social than it was a couple of weeks ago. Usually, I don’t have close interactions with anyone, including Bill. He works and takes business trips, and I hang out with the dog. But I have a lot of friends who have lost their work because of the forced isolation. One friend, a sommelier in Washington, DC, lost his job just after coming home from Germany, where he was completing some hands on work for a winemaking degree. Anyone who can’t work from home is screwed, and this will really put a strain on a lot of businesses. I thank God Bill can work from home and I no longer depend on restaurant work to pay my bills.

I was telling Bill this morning that I hope that what seems like an “extreme” overreaction to the coronavirus will slow down its spread and allow healthcare workers a chance to catch up on getting people well. The sooner we slow down the virus, the sooner things will get back to normal. But if people keep passing it around, the situation will only become much worse. I read one scary thread on RfM written by a woman who has had the virus and now fears that she has permanent lung damage.

One other thing that is being impacted by this situation, is that we’re hoping to adopt a new dog. We haven’t yet made the final arrangements as to how we’re going to collect him, should the rescue ultimately decide we’re worthy. Apparently, overnight stays in German hotels are currently verboten if they’re not business related. I’m not sure if fetching a new dog is considered “business”. Money will be changing hands, and it would only be for a night. He’s in Hamburg, and that is about five hours from where we live. We don’t really want to go up and back in one day. That would be pretty stressful. I would like to have him here, though, because the timing would be excellent. Bill will be around, and we’ll have the ability to break him into the family faster than we might otherwise. A new dog would be an excellent spring project for all of us, especially Arran.

I suppose if the new dog doesn’t work out, we can work on the garden. Maybe we’ll plant some vegetables, since one of the crepe myrtles in the backyard died last year. I don’t know why it died. It was green a year ago and now it’s definitely dead. We cut some of the branches and used them for kindling. Now we have a small plot that can be turned into a tiny garden spot with full sun. And I also bought Bill a bunch of books about making cocktails. He can test them out while we enjoy our fenced in yard and neverending music from Siri.

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t buy a bunch of concert tickets this year. Looks like it’s going to be a strange time for all of us…