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It’s not such a good week for Matt Gaetz…

Years ago, the late comedian George Carlin made me roar with laughter when he mused, “Have you noticed that people who are against abortion are people you wouldn’t want to fuck in the first place? There’s such balance in nature!” A few more years passed, and he used the joke again in a later routine. See below.

This is from 1996, but he used this joke even earlier than that.

I couldn’t help but think of my old hero, George Carlin, when I read the news about vile Florida Republican Representative, Matt Gaetz, who twisted Carlin’s joke. Last weekend, Gaetz was at the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Tampa, where he reportedly quipped “Why is it that the women with the least likelihood of getting pregnant are the ones most worried about abortions? Nobody wants to impregnate you if you look like a thumb,” Gaetz said to his conservative audience. “These people are odious from the inside out. They’re like 5’2″, 350 pounds, and they’re like ‘Give me my abortions or I’ll get up and march and protest.’” I guess he figures the students at that rally weren’t around when Carlin did that joke much better than he did.

What a disgusting man Gaetz is. This clip has more of what Gaetz actually said, and it’s even worse than I realized.

Um… wow. This is the same guy who is being investigated by the Justice Department over allegations of sex trafficking and prostitution, including involving a minor. Mr. Gaetz also has a mugshot dating from 2008, when he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. While he was evidently never convicted for DUI, his mugshot is still available online. Gaetz refused the breath test when he was stopped, and for some reason, his driver’s license was not suspended. The refusal to take the breath test was not used against him in court, and the charges were dropped. The officer who arrested him was forced to resign. It may be worth mentioning that Gaetz is the son of a prominent former Florida politician, Don Gaetz. In fact, then 26 year old Matt was driving his daddy’s car when he got pulled over after having spent the evening at a nightclub. The arresting officer smelled booze on Gaetz and noted his disheveled appearance. Gaetz said that the officer harassed and threatened him.

Gaetz now claims that he’s being targeted and harassed over the sex trafficking claim. He said:

“Over the past several weeks my family and I have been victims of an organized criminal extortion involving a former DOJ official seeking $25 million while threatening to smear my name. We have been cooperating with federal authorities in this matter and my father has even been wearing a wire at the FBI’s direction to catch these criminals,”

Yeah, I believe that Matt Gaetz is as pure as the driven snow… NOT. And he did make some really disgusting misogynistic comments at the summit in Tampa, prompting a 19 year old woman named Olivia Julianna to tweet criticisms of Representative Gaetz, a man currently being investigated for sex trafficking, as he calls out so-called “fat and ugly” abortion activists, whom he says need to march and eat more salad. I say “Clean up your own yard, Gaetz”.

In retaliation for Olivia Julianna’s tweets against his disgusting comments about pro-choice women, Gaetz body shamed Olivia Julianna, sharing a picture of her and his awful comments on Twitter. Then he encouraged his followers to harass her, and thousands of them did. Olivia Julianna responded by announcing a fundraiser for Gen Z for Change, a 500 member youth led non-profit group that addresses issues that disproportionately affected young people.

When it became clear that Gaetz’s bullying campaign against her was a big failure, Olivia Julianna tweeted this response.

And she didn’t stop there. Olivia Julianna also wittily tweeted, “Am I not a little too old for you Matt? I know you have a thing for targeting teenagers but 19 is on the cusp don’t you think?” 

In a subsequent tweet, she continued:

Olivia Julianna went on to raise over $1 million for Gen Z for Change. The donated money will be divided among 50 abortion rights funds. She did a pretty good job turning misogynistic hate into something useful.

I love how sassily Olivia Julianna handed Gaetz his ass, posting: “Dear Matt, Although your intentions were hateful, your public shaming of my appearance has done nothing but benefit me,” she wrote after his tweet about her spurred a load of harassment from Gaetz’s Twitter followers — as well as a flood of donations to her reproductive rights advocacy organization. She’s also gained thousands of new Twitter followers, including yours truly.

Why anyone is listening to Matt Gaetz, let alone voting for him, is beyond me. But I guess it’s proof that in the United States, if you’re lucky and hitch your star to the right people, being reprehensible won’t stop you from being successful at something. I think that’s especially true in places where there’s a lot of good old boy cronyism and nepotism going on. It’s especially telling that Gaetz can’t even come up with his own jokes. He has to twist and bastardize a classic joke from George Carlin, a much revered and beloved comedian, who, if he was still living, would have an absolute field day with what’s happening right now.

Gaetz really isn’t having a good week, anyway. At that same summit in Tampa, Gaetz went after Mike Pence, saying:

“Our America is proudly ultra MAGA, not some low energy roadside RINO safari,” said Gaetz, referring to a derogatory term for so-called moderate Republicans. “On that note, let me just say what everyone here knows: Mike Pence will never be president. Nice guy, not a leader.”

Bwahahaha… what Gaetz knows about “nice guys” would fill a thimble. I’m not a fan of Mike Pence’s in any sense, but I do love what, Marc Short, Pence’s former chief of staff said in response:

“Well, I don’t know if Mike Pence will run for president in 2024, but I don’t think Matt Gaetz will have an impact on that. In fact, I’d be surprised if he’s still voting. It’s more likely he’ll be in prison for child trafficking by 2024.

And I’m actually surprised the Florida law enforcement still allows him to speak to teenage conferences like that. So, I’m not too worried what Matt Gaetz thinks.”

Yes, that’s a pretty good burn… However, I am forever disturbed by the fact that reprobates like Matt Gaetz get into power and have political platforms that influence laws for all of us. He’s clearly not a good person. He has no honor. He’s not even nice on the surface. Naturally, he’s probably one of Trump’s favorite guys and biggest sycophants.

Gaetz has been vocal about his opposition to abortion and voted against two bills that would have ensured access to abortion. He’s been criticized for saying that those protesting the overturning of Roe v. Wade are “overeducated, under-loved millennials.” (ahem, I am a member of Gen X, thank you VERY much!) It surprises me that Matt Gaetz is so “pro-life”, yet he has no problem trying to tear down people who have already been born, and have thoughts and feelings that can be affected by what he says. Kudos to Olivia Julianna for having plenty of moxie and a sharp wit. I think she’s going to go far in her heels as she stomps all over Matt Gaetz’s pathetic, privileged, and perverted ass. I look forward to cheering her on!

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Eric Schwartz does it again!

Back in the heady days of George W. Bush’s presidency, I was exposed to a wonderful singer-songwriter-guitarist named Eric Schwartz. He wrote and sang a hilarious song called “Keep Your Jesus Off My Penis”…

The sign language interpreter is adorable! If you watch any of the videos in this post, this is the one to see.

I subscribed to Eric’s YouTube channel after I heard this song the first time. I kept with him for awhile, but then he faded from my conscience because life happened and, back then, he didn’t seem to be very prolific. This morning, much to my delight, I saw that he has a new song out. It’s not as hilarious as the one that introduced me to his genius, but it still packs a punch…

I’m not surprised Eric dislikes Donald Trump… I fully support his message with this song.

Music is such a powerful instrument for spreading messages to the masses. Eric pretty much sums up my issues with Trump supporters, especially the ones who claim to be Christians. There is nothing about Donald Trump that champions what Jesus Christ taught. I don’t understand supposed Christians who support Trump’s sleazy politics, his constant lies, and flagrant disregard for everything from the environment to the checks and balances that were intended to prevent tyrants from taking over the country. I love that people like Eric Schwartz turn our collective frustration with U.S. leaders into clever songs with biting commentary. I don’t need to hear a moving speech. Give me well-played original songs with witty lyrics any day!

This one is a bit creepy.

I, myself, even got a little bit musical last night. It was dark, cold, and rainy yesterday, so we didn’t go out and do anything other than the usual chores. I sent Bill out to start my car, because I haven’t driven it in ages and figured the battery could use a charge. Sure enough, it was dead, so he has to go get jumper cables today at good ‘ol AAFES. I went on Facebook and invited song requests. Quite a few people were takers. I was a little surprised by that. So I did a bunch of songs… not that any were as cute and clever as Eric Schwartz’s, but some I’m kind of proud of. Since it’s dark and rainy today too, maybe today will also be musical for me. Too bad I never learned how to play guitar. Maybe it’s time I learned.

Maybe then I could write clever songs like this one…

Bill will be here a week, then he’ll leave again for another week. I hate this time of year. The weather is depressing and all I want to do is hibernate. But at least I have time to listen to songs by Eric Schwartz and the other brilliant musicians who share their original work on YouTube.

Damn… I can relate. I love his band, too.

I think it’s harder to get noticed as a musician than it is as a writer. Lots of people are afraid to give musicians a chance if there’s a choice. Sure, if you hear someone busking on a street corner, you may stop to appreciate it or stick your fingers in your ears… Sticking my fingers in my ears was what I always did when my dad sang church choir solos. A lot of people loved his voice, but not me. Consequently, I’m kind of shy about public performances, even though they make me light up on the rare chances I can do them. I put my stuff on the Internet, so people have a choice. Most people choose not to listen, and I can’t blame them. I feel the same way they do, although there are times when I am pleasantly surprised by someone’s talent. Eric Schwartz is one who never fails to pleasantly surprise me.

He plays keyboards too.

By the way… last night, someone suggested I sing a song by The Ramones. I don’t know many songs by them, but hell… maybe sometime I’ll give it a whirl. I’ve been known to do Led Zeppelin and AC/DC when the mood strikes. I also like to write parodies sometimes… and fiction, although I quit doing that last year thanks to interference from people who think they know what’s in my head.

Anyway… I hope those of you who are still reading my blogs will give Eric Schwartz a couple of views, especially if you’re not a fan of Republican politics. You might just enjoy his biting wit and satirical turns as much as I do.